E-commerce Consulting Plan & Pricing

I help those who want to do business online or those who want to transform offline business online with e-commerce advice. Apart from this, I assist my clients with e-commerce-related services like website development, website management, social media management, website management, digital marketing, digital content guidelines, and many more.

Assuming you are facing any problem in the e-commerce business or you need any help from me in e-commerce then you can take my help in four ways.

GOOGLE MEET | ৳ 3,000 | 30 MINUTES​ (Once) I will meet with you online for 30 minutes! There, I will know about you, and your business, and help you solve the problem.

FACE TO FACE | ৳ 5,000 | 60 MINUTES (Once) If this is the case you need to sit directly with me. In that case, I will come directly to your office, get to know about you, your business, and the problem, and I will help you find a solution. Also, what you can do, I will give them to you in the form of documents so that you can see them and apply them to your business.

PROJECT BASED | ৳ 55,000 | 720 MINUTES (Month) In this package, I will assist you by advising you on your entire project. Not only that, I will transform your offline business through an e-commerce setup. Apart from this, if you need any extra service for your company, you can get that service from me through my team. I will even help you increase the sales of your e-commerce business in a personalized way for you.

TRAINING | ৳ 15,000 | 1800 MINUTES (Month) If so, you want to do e-commerce business but don’t need my advice or service. If I teach you the entire process you can do it yourself then you can join my e-commerce training program. Details about training: Click Here

NOTE: Please do not fill up the appointment form asking for prices for website development, website management, social media management, website management, digital marketing, and digital content guidelines services. Because each person has a different need, so the price cannot be given without knowing beforehand. I do not tell the price of the service in advance because I support clients through consultancy and only provide services to my clients who have taken consultancy services from me at least once.

If that’s the case, if you want to come to my office and have a meeting, then assume that it won’t be possible! Most of the time I am busy with clients’ office visits or meetings. So make an appointment with me first!

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E-commerce Consulting Plan & Pricing